Home Sweet Home - Wo das Böse wohnt

2024 1h 24m 6

Actually, everything is going perfectly for Maria and Viktor: They are newly engaged, expecting their first child together and are moving into the large country house where Viktor grew up. However, when the heavily pregnant Maria has to spend an evening alone in the remote house, strange things happen. Viktor has to work long hours and Maria tries to get used to her new home, which still sends shivers down her spine. At first she thinks the strange occurrences such as power outages and mysterious noises from the basement are coincidence. But events get worse and worse and she slowly has to realize that she and her baby are not safe there. When contractions begin and the car keys mysteriously disappear, the night becomes a nightmare. What dark secrets does the house hold and what does Viktor's family have to hide?

Director: Thomas Sieben

Género: Terror

Actores: Anton Schneider, David Kross, Justus von Dohnányi, Karl Schaper, Nilam Farooq, Olga von Luckwald, Sven Habermann

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